Welcoming three new artists

March 3, 2014

We are very proud indeed to have three highly interesting Danish artists join clang. Their diversity and skill testifies to our motto, to bring you inspired artists with a great feeling for sonic richness and musical exploration.

Rasmus Fisker is a new and very promising artist with already several solo works as well as collaborations in modern dance, film, theater, digital artwork, sound installation to his credit. Carefully crafted composition and freely improvised live-processing sessions nurtures Rasmus’ work, which already has brought him several grants from the Danish Arts Foundation.

Lisbent has been a mainstay on the alternative scene in Denmark for more than ten years. With impressive virtuosity and tireless invention he has produced everything from mellow acid to high-speed breakcore and almost all the genres in between. Watch out, because Lisbent provides you with much more than just a simple and easy joyride.

The duo work of Anders Holst and Mads Emil Nielsen is a very personal take on structured improvisation. The structures are guided and nourished by extra-musical means such as timelines, graphic elements, dynamic curves and textural guidelines or anything else that may guide the sonic developments in the desired direction. The duo uses some very suggestive video feedback projection, making their live shows a mesmerizing experience.

Less than a year after clang’s first release – Infernal Machine’s self titled release – it is wit great pleasure that we soon can present you with our first crop of vinyls plus our very own feature during Sonar, Barcelona and Copenhagen Jazz Festival.