Upcoming releases

September 15, 2015

A string of releases with old and new clang artists will take place over the coming months – old friends such as Equipo (Simulaciones Revisited, a collection of remixes), 99 Blows (Live Free Or Die), Hans Tammen (Music for Choking Disklavier) and Frank Benkho are there, but also the very interesting new friends AFRik & The Smiling Orchestra (La Tremenda), Vigliensoni (Jaguar) and Miguel Frasconi (Standing Breakage (for Stan Brakhage)) are already scheduled. And several more are in the making as we speak… lovely!

Other happy news is that the 12″ vinyls by Band Ane (Anish Music Caravan), Frank Benkho (The Revelation According to Frank Benkho) and Anders Holst / Mads Emil Nielsen’s self-titled vinyl are released this fall in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, then later beyond.