99 Blows

A performing artist that explores the endless possibilities and opportunities on the electronic music scene, 99 Blows’ musical DNA is filled with devotion for polyrhythms, chords and strong melodies. This comes from his background as a guitar player, and being born and raised in the cold north of Scandinavia he is used to explore this in the monotony of long winter dwellings in the studio.

The move into the electronic soundscape started back in 2008, when he started DJ’ing and got absorbed by the record bins of flea markets and record stores. In the beginning it was mostly old disco, funk and soul he was spinning, but soon the electronic genres caught on. His urge to produce and create quickly kicked in and 99 Blows has since then spent endless hours in the studio, deepening his own personal take on electronic music ever since.

A much-needed change of scenery took place in 2009 as the young artist relocated to Berlin for half a year, and the city’s very special underground electronica scene had an instant sonic schooling effect on him. In a place where almost everyone is an artist, he became even more conscious of his own musical identity.

The experience stuck with him during the following three years when he studied guitar at the music conservatory back in Denmark. There he found himself caught between two quite different worlds: that of playing guitar on one side and producing electronic music on the other. As a result, he decided after receiving his bachelor degree to dedicate himself fully to music production for a concentrated period of time.

In 2012 a scholarship allowed him to initiate his first set of original productions. During three months 30 sketches were made in a recording studio in New York and afterwards finished in his own studio in Copenhagen. And now, finally, the first recordings are seeing the light of day.