clang was initiated January 2013 and its most important purpose is take adventurous music beyond the confinements of the experimental community.

The label’s aesthetics revolve around a distinct and emotional amalgam of the technological and the organic. We are not concerned with a specific style, but everything we do involves electronics in different ways. Rather than style, we care about that the music is committed to its content and that the sound quality is treated as a never-ending love story.

The mystery of an infinite sonic micro-cosmos, the beauty in minimalism and the power of stripped-down audio design of timing precision and exquisite craftsmanship are some of the ways to touch the skies. Explore the computer as an instrument, go into sound as art, extend on the fascination of acoustic instruments’ resonance, probe real-time interaction in music performance are all viable activities for us. Pop-oriented structures may be integrated into the sound just as well as jazz features, and we are not against marking time. But we avoid the typical marketing mechanisms of the commercial music industry and instead put forward an adventurous space for discovering novel, musical identities and in passing invite others to join in, in the pursuit of deeper listening pleasures.

Unknown waters that favor abstractions over easy references is a feature of the label. And clang can also be a programmatic platform with an inclusive stance towards visual arts and multimedia, even taking the tactile qualities of audio installations to your living room. The label is always open to new friends and we look for fresh talents that stay true to the original and inquisitive spirit of the community.

All this serves the purpose of coming ever closer to the ideal of a label, namely one that, innocently, wants to go beyond the restrictions of genres and styles. The diversity of the activities does not go against the label’s philosophy, which is clear: “Trying to create something consistent and sensuous in this saturated world that we live in.”

The seven statements we abide by:

  1. The only constant is change.
  2. Stay close to community.
  3. Perfection is of music, not man.
  4. Let the listener discover.
  5. Your audience is at least as intelligent and passionate lovers of art, music and sound as you are.
  6. Be true to yourself and innovation may happen.