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Silence is not only golden, but non-existent. This is my frustration. Seeking release I tried to silence myself in more ways than one. During my voluntary seclusion from the world I had a visitation. A winged oracle. Apollo, or as it is known in Latin, Parnassus Apollo. A butterfly. The mountain towering above Delphi gave its name to the scaly-winged insect. Pythia, the priestess at the temple, inhaling the sweet vapors, hallucinogenic gasses rising from the depths of the earth, foretelling the fate of the people who came to seek guidance.


Glossolalia, obscure utterances delivered in an intoxicated frenzy. I close the door behind me, but the ghost walks beside me. Apollo is music made with delicate sounds. Rubbing of wine glasses, wind blowing in an old chimney, the flutter of the wings of a butterfly. An ancient song of death and lost love. Despite my best intentions, this is not silence.

Production date: June-July 2013
Artwork: Stacy DeVille
Thank you: Inger Christensen, Anders Børup, Mimi Bjerregaard, Lisbeth Sonne & Sir Thomas Browne

…In addition to Krishve’s newest work the CDr promo single also contains the five tracks of his “Apollo” E.P. , formerly released as cat.no. 005 of Clang’s catalogue, and – compared to his more recent output – more headed towards classical Ambient and ChillOut featuring soft Piano notes and warm soundscapes partly interspersed with slightly dissonant vibrations and haunted, spine-tingling sequences – check especially the two minute interlude “Ear To The Ground” for this – or even an intense, kinda Lynch’esque feel of nerve-wrecking tension and no release (“Third Apology”).

liquid sky berlin

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