Christian Rønn

Composer, sound artist, performer, producer, organ player – active in electronic music, free form, sound art, film music. Curates Spir festival. Master degree in organ performance from The Royal Danish Academy Of Music, Copenhagen with Hans Fagius, Jens E. Christensen and Bine Bryndorf. Further studies in improvisation with Anders Bondeman in Stockholm, sitar studies in Varanasi, India and Tingklik studies in Bali.

Concerts and performances in Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, US, Japan and Middle East. Countless album and single releases as soloist and in collaboration on labes such as Universal, Sony, EMI, Escho, Chant, Astral Spirits, Clang , Topos and Music For Dreams.

“I am interested in the greyzone areas where sound breaks up and transforms into something else. The stretched out feedback just before it feeds or the battle between two frequencies fighting to dominate the aural space. The moment before the vibrating string distorts and the seconds following the release of the huge cluster-chord, where energy still hangs in the air. I like to stretch out and examine “in-between moments” and unrecognizable states of being. I guess this translates into the music, but not always in the most obvious fashion, even though it´s definitely informing it. I aim to put light in the cracks, open up a new space, give an experience of transcendence. A journey beyond language and thinking… ultimately.”