Anish Music V



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It is now 10 years since Anish Music was released, immediately making Band Ane a prominence on the electronic music scene. In the years that have passed, Ane Østergaard and her indispensable partner Mr. Laptop have traveled far and wide, presenting her unique and poignant musical universe in concerts and at film, theatre, radio, schools and jazz bands…


Full speed ahead! And then some of life’s great events took place as Ane would lose her dear grandparents, then give birth to her first child. With these events as backdrop, Ane has woven a rich gobelin in the form of a triptych – Borrowed, Vultimerse, The Pool, as a darkened tapestry that shimmers and sparkles on the night sky.


So get your headphones out, close your eyes and take your time: In the beginning is darkness, then tiny flashes and star bodies begin to form: The door to space is flung open, and you are now ready to unwind your ears and fly – very many discoveries await you.

For the Dane Ane Østergaard aka. Band Ane, music possesses this share of mystery that only the senses are able to catch if our antennas really open.

With Anish Music V, the artist touches the stars and plunges us into the cosmos, releasing intoxicating powder with beneficent properties, covering our body with laptop dust and slippery sparks.

In three ambient titles crackling with granular matter, Band Ane takes us into a fantasy world at the crossroads of a science fiction soundtrack and the suspended grace of sound pulsations. Anish Music V is a thicket of threads stretched between melodies from elusive, flying souls that move between interstices and silences, touching the subtle depth of existence made up of flesh and blood, sensations and experiences. Ethereal.


Compositions by Ane Østergaard
Instrumentation is computer, Machinedrum SPS-1 MKII, Doepfer Dark Energy, Nord Rack 2X, 78 rpm vinyl discs, analogue tape, voice, drills, smeared piano strings, bats, cymbals, organ, bird wings, submarine convolution, soil and mud, 17 second natural reverb from Cisternerne (Copenhagen), recordings from Thingbæk Limestone Mines.

Produced, mixed and engineered by Ane Østergaard
Mastered by Kassian Troyer
Lacquer cut by Arnold Kasar
Artwork by Bastian Sikker Malmborg

With Band Ane, Ane Østergaard has created her own musical world: armed with a singular magpie mindset and a laptop, she has spent the last decade incorporating elements of ambient, musique concrete, pop and avant-garde, Anish Music is essentially a genre unto itself.

If 2014’s Anish Music Caravan was an other-worldly exploration into unknown sonic territories, there’s a definite sense of order and structure to this outing: the three tracks which make up the EP Anish Music V form a triptych of complimentary and successively evolutionary pieces.

Beginning with a crackle and crystalline ambient tones, Borrowed understatedly commences an EP which transitions effortlessly and imperceptibly through a shifting soundscape formed with delicate layers. Together, these layers create a sense of density, and a growing weight. Around the mid-point of the Spooneristic Vultimerse, a rumble of thunder peaks in a dark crescendo. It’s powerful, forceful, yet still texturally detailed and multi-faceted. It’s here that Ane transcends genre boundaries, stepping above ambience to foreground instrumental music. There’s a rare boldness about it.

The Pool is an expansive work, gentle washes of sound are rent with the dense roaring jet of a rocket taking off before floating, bleeping and crackling. Ane’s vocal appears on the EP for the first time, a haunting, ethereal whisper which drifts in and out on a soft ripple of humming ambience.

In some respects, it’s difficult to really summarize the qualities of Anish Music V, and even more difficult to present an objective critique. This is music which gently goads the listener’s senses and operates on something of a subliminal level. It’s a rather pleasant experience.

Ane Østergaard still dazzles with her music made out of breaths, blinks of an eye and pure fantasy. The new chapter in the amazing series Anish Music is no more than an EP of just over twenty minutes: three songs that nevertheless is sufficient to calibrate your ears and neurones to the ultra-romantic whispers of the Danish musician. For the occasion, the thousand instruments Ane uses were recorded in tanks with exceptional natural reverberation of 17 seconds.

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