Poptronics remixes

Silvio Paredes


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In December 2015 the Chilean musician Silvio Paredes, with a long and distinguished artistic history in his country, published his second solo album titled Poptronics. As its name suggests, this album mixes electronic music with sounds and compositional structures coming from the pop field. This work was nominated in the top five albums of electronic music published last year for the 2016 Chilean Pulsar Awards.


In January of 2016 Silvio Paredes moved to England to expand the circulation of his music, present his work live to new audiences and interact with European musicians looking for new creative experiences.

Seven months after the release of the Poptronics album and some successful concerts in the UK and Germany, the Chilean musician decides to invite some renowned electronic musicians of different styles and creative approaches to participate in a remixes project.

Andrés Bucci, Miguel Conejeros (F600) Daniel Nieto (Danieto), Mika Martini (Frank Benkho), Gabriel Vigliensoni (Vigliensoni) and Lars Graugaard (Lars from Mars) are the line up collaborating in this new work, where each one remixes and rebuilds, in his own particular style, the tracks created by Paredes.

Recording and mix: April-June 2016
Mastering: Daniel Nieto
Artwork: Andreas Lindholm