Five Beats For XYZ



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Five Beats For XYZ is a work where everything is based on the sacred number five, which in turn is the sum of the digits of the sacred number twenty-three. Five beats of pure analog sounding percussive and sarcastic music specially prepared for the three generations of humans that will probably be the only ones to ever listen to it, plus hyenas and roadrunners. The development of this musical pieces came in a time of creative uncertainty where all previous assumed musical rules had been squeezed in practice to the point of rejection.

After some years of ubiquitous dancefloor pounding, Cooptrol had to find some way to void typical techno rhythms of all semantic connotations and integrate the melodic side of music into the core of percussion. With the aid of advanced hardware sequencers painstakingly programmed to generate that balance between the perfect loop and the joyful variations, a drumming spider web of phasing rhythmical lines was created. The spider web analogy suits perfectly since this music has a bit of an insectoid quirkiness and a biological feeling of throbbing, living sounds that enter and exit the rational gaze of the scientific observer/creator.

The results are organic and machine-like at the same time, which seems appropiate in this era of proximity to the awaited artificial intelligence singularity. All being said, this is still music to dance to, so, dear Mr. DJ: yes, you can use this too if you want to bring the joy of the Golden Apple of Eris into your party. Satisfaction guaranteed. Warning: disorderly conduct may unravel amongst participants. Comes complete with dancing vinyl space girl cover. Fnord!!

Composed and performed by Cooptrol
Recording and mix 2016 at Tono Studios, Uruguay
Mastering by Cooptrol
Cover art collage by Camila Alberti


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