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The Danish Martian Lars Graugaard uses the laptop exclusively to operate within techno, and under the moniker Lars From Mars he gives us this time two adventurous techno tracks, separated and book-ended by three short excursions into ambient techno.

As usually is the case with Lars, on this album he once more explores that same concept of sound bodies that he uses elsewhere, the obvious difference being the tenacious techno rhythms that underlie them. The rich and highly detailed music that Lars sets on top of his bass lines are mediated, self-programmed processes that may sound and behave somewhat like traditional instruments – after all, they use what we know about our perception of gestures in rhythm, melody and tonality – but the approach allows for fresh and surprising twists and twirls on the electronic timbres and the musical proceedings: improvisations, solos, rebounds, bridges, mirror games, evaginations and break-ups are all abundantly happening.

The result is a constantly changing mutant techno that is danceable and humorous: psychedelic, fun and extravagant – and surprisingly efficient.

Performed by Lars Graugaard

Composition, edit and mix by Lars Graugaard, 2018
Mastered by Daniel Nieto, 2018

Cover art by Asuncion Claro
Cover design by Lars Graugaard

Back with a new digital five track EP on Clang is label head Lars Graugaard a.k.a. Lars From Mars who’s released his latest solo approach towards electronic music on November 23rd, 2k18. Opening with 74 second of Mochos we see Graugaard employ a super clean, scientific and slightly electroid Electronica feel for a start before Anna Cook takes us to the dancefloor with speedy, muscular and heavily pumping Techno, oozing nothing but power from its gooey bassline and tripping minimal sound. Following up is Gint, another short and more bass heavy Future Tribal / Future Jazz interlude whilst Show Motion, the EP’s main piece at approx. 10 minutes runtime, presents raw, brooding, yet melodic Broken Techno / Techno Jazz for followers of Surgeon, Hi-Ryze or fans of classic Steve Stoll material whereas the concluding Ikk? waves goodbye on a warm, bass-driven Future Jazz note again. Good stuff.

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