City Size Tone, Pt. 2



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Lucky Ringston aka. Jørgen Teller with ensemble: City Size Tone part 2.

The recording is based on a score commissioned by the Wundergrund Festival in Copenhagen 2013 – inside the festival theme New York City. Jørgen created a 3-part suite for the festival that combined his early reflections on what new music could be in 2013, versus what he had thought it could be when he started his career around 1980.

The second part of the suite was performed by a very strong international ensemble with Rhys Chatham and Fast Forward representing the deep New York scene. At the premiere the dancer Wubje Kuindersma joined forces with the ensemble, further expanded with a large video projection.

The piece is based on Jørgen’s solo-project called Lucky Ringston. This is a work that highlights an old-school ringmodulated shortwave/radio/synth/overtone/timbre sculpture and instruments of the ensemble’s timbre attacks in different and ever growing intervals.

The floating drony radio synth is juxtaposed with the sound of the now bald-headed modernism of the 50‘s and some inspiration from Messiaen’s Et Exspecto Resurrectionem Mortuorum pt. V – as a kind of mash-beyond.

The release received support from Koda’s Cultural Funds and DJBFA.

Put on the circuit via the Clang label on May 15th, 2k20 is Jørgen Teller’s new album outing “City Size Tone Part 2”, a two tracks and roughly 42 minutes spanning composition we’re about to approach without any reference to or knowledge of the – supposedly existing – first part or accompanying press info for the lack thereof.

Opening with a deep hypnotic Ambient drone and various layered piano, harp and wind instrument tones “City Size Done Part 2” drags the listener into a somewhat alert dream state immediately, adds intense, shrieking and mutilated high frequencies to the mix as well as mysteriously clanging Field Recordings of unknown origin, a good portion of hallucinogenic sound manipulations and even subdued echoes of FreeJazz / Improv to be found in the very backend of the mix before a maelstrom of feedback and Noize emerges for a most brutal climax.

Quite an intense, yet thrilling and complex listening experience for those who loved the “Ekkehard Ehlers plays…” vinyl series once released via Staubgold in the early 2000s.


The recording of the two versions of City Size Tone part 2 took place at Jørgen Teller’s Strom Babe Studios the day before the world premiere.

Composed and produced by Jørgen Teller

Lucky Ringston aka Jørgen Teller: synthesized shortwave radio, synth filter, ring modulator and delay pedal

Other Gardens Ensemble
Randi Pontoppidan: voice and effects
Jennifer Dill: concert flute, alto flute, piccolo
Linda Edsjø: vibes, metals, woodblocks

Christian Rønn: preparered 1920es Feurich Baby Grand
Rhys Chatham: trumpet and effects
Fast Forward: percussion

Recorded October 30th 2013 at Strom Babe Studios, Copenhagen, Denmark

Recording engineer: Per Buhl Acs
Mix and mastering: Lars Graugaard
Cover art: Jørgen Teller

Based on a work commissioned by the Wundergrund Festival in Copenhagen 2013, this second part features performances by a pair of greats: Rhys Chatham and Fast Forward – JT has a vision of what new music can be and we want more.