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“This album coincides with a time of deep changes both external on the level of society and country, as well as internally,” says Kamila Govorçin. “Dark months of pain, disappointment and exhaustion that also brought flickers of hope and at times a certain serenity. A period where my solitary introspection made me connect to a profound sense of being.”

This sparked a creativity that brought forward a very reflective music of a dark, ambient character. Rich with dense and brooding layers of sound that forcefully negotiate, it gives an echoing sensations of the (un)comfortable. Deep percussion in Anima, naked and expanding landscapes in Introversión and Rito de Muerte that hark back to Brian Eno and David Sylvian, and even a kind of proto new-age in Vientos that resemble some of Iasos’ experiments.

With the five tracks being relatively long, the album has a total duration of almost an hour. “I intended every theme to have a minimum eight minutes, allowing the listener to loose track of time and place, and submerge themselves into a deep journey. A bit like a meditation that would also encourage the freeing of emotions. For me, music is a means for healing and when I create music I always have this in mind: induce the listener into a special state.”

Compositions, performance, edit and mix by Kamila Govorçin

Kamila Govorçin plays microKORG, Behringer Neutron, Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1, flute and handdrum. Additional vinyl samplings and field recordings from the Cahuil forest in Chile, chinese ceremonies and jazz fusion bands.

Recorded in Chile between September 2019 and February 2020
Mastering by Lars Graugaard
Cover art by Nicolás Val

Further contributions by Tristán Sotomayor (Kultrún on Rito de Muerte), Lucio Sánchez and Alans Barahona (drum and keyboard samples on Ermitañismo) and Rafael Gallardo (recording of a chinese ritual on Introversión).