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Edith Lettner and Dafna Naphtali met in New York in 2017, performing in larger ensembles, led by saxophonist Ras Moshe. Meeting up for a duo session, they found instant common language and constant surprises with Lettner on soprano and alto saxophone and duduk, and Naphtali on her created electro-acoustic instrument for live sound processing of Lettner’s instruments as well as her own vocal work.

Their work and experimentation together since then led to an Austrian tour in summer 2019, a performance at Experimental Intermedia in NY in March 2020, and has now culminated in this explosive recording.

We Q mines the duo’s mutual musical attractions – finding rough-cut gems in high-energy jazz, cross referenced with electro-acoustics, hardcore-meets-early-music, ghanawa-laced polyrhythms and Armenian/Balkan double-reed drone/beat-frequency noise-fests.

Compositions by Edith Lettner and Dafna Naphtali
Edith Lettner – alto/soprano saxophones, duduk
Dafna Naphtali – electronics, voice, live sound processing of voice and reeds

Recorded at Dolan Studios, New York University, March 5, 2018
Engineered by Li-Hai
Mixed by Dafna Naphtali
Mastering by Dafna Naphtali and Paul Geluso

Cover image is the painting Communication, by Edith Lettner