Swimming In Empty Pool

Christian Rønn


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Swimming In Empty Pool is a collection of electronic and electroacoustic studio- and live-recordings made 2016-20

Christian Rønn works with abstract sound that tend to gravitate towards sound that has a physicality, almost like a physical presence. He imagines making a footprint in the listeners mind, like a sculpture in the shape and form of the listeners imagination. This idea informs a lot of the sounds on this album.

Some of the takes on the album contains what can best be described as audible noise. This is a conscious choice, as noise is as much a part of our sounding world as other sounds, and if it is in the recording, it it sometimes left in, and sometimes emphasised. What can best be described as melodies also appear since melodies on the same token are just as much a part of our sounding world.

Some of the recordings are from EMS in Stockholm whereas other sounds are studio recordings and others are processed live takes. Still other recordings were made during a residency in 2016 at Worm Sound Studio, Rotterdam. Acoustic string-sounds are taken from Yuri Landman’s string instruments, prepared and treated with electronic extravaganza of the ARP 2600 and the odd effect module.

Vocals appearing on the album are novel in Christian Rønn’s work, but it happened to blend in perfectly – sweet and bright. Lyrics are in Danish, so far with no proper English translation.

Christian Rønn plays Serge synthesizer, Buchla synthesizer, ARP 2600, D.S. Evolver, MFB Dominion, The Caterpillar – a string instrument by Yuri Landman, contact microphones, samplers, miscellaneous effects, sound objects and forgotten tools.

All tracks composed, performed, mixed and mastered by Christian Rønn, except ‘Bending Glass’ mixed by Lars Graugaard

Recorded at Worm Sound Studio, Rotterdam, EMS, Stockholm and Trekronerstudiet, Copenhagen

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