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Lars Graugaard & Jean-Michel Pilc


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The five tracks is the outcome of a spontaneous and completely unrehearsed recording session in New York’s Dolan Studio. The clear structure and logical development and conclusion to each track testifies to Lars Graugaard and Jean-Michel Pilc’s high level of artistry, flexibility and exquisite control of their means.

This is also apparent in the intense interplay where the super-sensitive nature of the interactive realtime computer is effortlessly met by the acoustic piano. Mostly energetic and looking for the groove, there are also wavering moments of delicate soul-searching. The result is an engaging combination of a rich take on street-smart electronic styles in with some truly virtuoso piano playing.

Bounce, video by Sebastian Schmidt-Urzúa

Lars Graugaard, interactive computer
Jean-Michel Pilc, piano

Recorded, edited and mixed April 19 and May 8, 2012 in the James L. Dolan Music Recording Studio, New York University Steinhardt, Department of Music & Performing Arts Professions

Recording engineer Paul Geluso
Engineering assistants Tyler Sawyer, Brian Bourque, Amar Lal and Peter M. MacDuffie
Produced by Lars Graugaard and Paul Geluso
Mastered by Lars Graugaard
Cover art by Marie Boye Thomsen

Mohammed Aziz, video by ergonomic studio


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