Miguel Conejeros aka. Fiat600 is a musician in constant evolution. Since the eighties when he formed part of the legendary Chilean art-punk band The Pinochet Boys, Miguel as a solo artist has developed a unique style of powerful and uncanny grooves. After a transitory period in the nineties of skewed jungle and drum’n’bass, he has gradually reached a status in his home country as a sort of national icon, always giving his audience the unexpected and leaving a bittersweet aftertaste that demands…: more.

Today, as Fiat600 – or just plain F600 – Miguel presents his live sets at clubs worldwide and appears at festivals and similar events in the contemporary art field, in the latter presenting his original sound installations as well.

Miguel’s suggestive and mesmerizing music is an attractive and very personal take on the darker side of present-day electronica, thoroughly placing Fiat600 in the exclusive yet universally appreciated domain of dark ambient creators such as Deathprod, Biosphere and Lustmord.

Rather than following common trends, the work implies a critique of music industry’s direction, and in this time of turmoil and changes Miguel dedicates his music to that exclusive minority which is ready for a fresh experience. Or at least curious enough to seek that music which is not only entertainment, but also provides an artistic vision based musical culture and human knowledge.

It is no surprise that Miguel is a great admirer of H. P. Lovecraft’s contribution to horror fiction. He re-creates the writer’s fantasmagorical and unsettling world using a ghost-like orchestra that is full of disconcerting sounds. The result is a music that celebrates imaginary ceremonies and in hindsight may just prove premonitory, as the sonic backdrop to a menacing future.

Miguel has been featured at international festivals such as Sonar, Mutek, Periferias, LEM, Algorythm and Versus Electronics. He is also a much sought-after producer and DJ.