Gregory Taylor

Gregory Taylor is a visual artists who discovered that the process of using the recording studio as a compositional tool was more personally rewarding than waiting for the paint to dry and opted for a life creating imaginary cultural artifacts of an audible nature. He has studied central Javanese gamelan and electroacoustic music in the U.S. (Cornell, UW-Madison, New England Conservatory) and the Netherlands (Instituut voor Sonologie), written for publications such as Wired, Recording, Array, and Option, and hosted a radio program of contemporary audio on WORT-FM since 1986.

After a hiatus from his work in the cassette culture movement of the 1980s, he returned to regular recording and live performances as an improviser in both solo and group contexts in the late 1990s. His solo recordings are available on the c74, Palace of Lights, Flood, and Stasisfield labels and online.

In addition to his solo performance career, he has remixed and collaborated with a diverse group of artists (Kim Cascone,, Scott Fields, The Yearlings and K. Leimer), and performs as an active member of PGT (a dual-laptop and acoustic mandolin trio with Brad Garton and Terry Pender), The Desert Fathers (a duo with trumpeter Jeff Kaiser), and “the trio” (with percussionist Tom Hamer and visualist Mark Hendrickson).
 He currently labors on behalf of the new media software company Cycling ’74, where he is in demand as a workshop facilitator and educator.