Hello world!

We are very proud and pleased to announce the new clang label. Its most important purpose is to take adventurous music beyond the confinements of the experimental community, and propose new listening experiences and access new audiences.

We are not concerned with a specific style, so it is not a label focused on techno, electronica, hip-hop, ambient etc. But everything we do involves electronics in different ways, and we care very much about a music that is committed to its content and where the sound quality is treated as a never-ending love story.

clang opens with a fistful of digital releases by Lars Graugaard, Keisuke Matsuno, Infernal Machines and Hans Tammen. In April there will be releases with Jean-Michel Pilc and German Grischa Lichtenberger, followed by South America’s Frank Benkho as well as Krishve and Band Ane, both of Denmark. Later there will be compilations from the LAK sound-art festival and the re-new media art event.

Vinyls will be forthcoming in the fall, and we are looking into formats that are neither ‘flat and round’ nor downloadables – so stay tuned!