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This release marks the debut for electronic artist 99 Blows. The music was recorded in the fall of 2012 in This Is Care Of’s studio facility in New York and subsequently mixed and mastered during 2013/2014 in 99 Blows’ studio in Copenhagen.

The release features four compositions that mix genres dub and house. The music was created in Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy and in complete isolation from fashion weeks and random parties. Back in Copenhagen the material was further processed in between gigs, girls and God knows what, and the project’s overriding mind-frame was to develop a signature sound and sonic universe without attention to trends and genres.

The music features vintage organs, various synthesizers and drum machines processed by analog tubes, tape echo and miscellaneous effects and it is with no small relief that there finally has an output after over two years of lots of input of all sorts. Shortly put, to at last have a safe haven for his musical mind that can be shared with music fans. If Blow 99 has succeeded in making something of relevance is now a matter for others to decide.

All instruments are played by 99 Blows
Recorded in New York 2012
Mixed /Mastered in Copenhagen 2013/2014

Cover photo by Casper Wandel


Liquid Sky Berlin
A debut release and an example of what hurricanes might lead to musically – with a quite surprising result. Instead of facing the brute force of Hurricane Sandy with brutal or at least darkish music, 99 Blows opted for the total opposite whilst being stuck in isolation somewhere in Manhattan and laying down the basics for the four tracks to be found on this digital download EP. With the title track I/O focusing on laid back Downtempo structures somewhat in between TripHop and Electronica and with spaced out, Balearic vocoder used for the slightly kitsch-laden vocals, we see the follow-up Tanzen Am Bahnhof aiming at TechHouse and epic (Neo)Trance floors, bringing in nice clap action and uplifting synth tones as well as sweet strings that might as well work Ibiza’s main rooms and large open air parties throughout the next season with their glitzy vibe. With EFD 99 Blows explores deep, slow motion acid realms that also might be filed under the flag of Intelligent Techno due to their super organic, friendly and all embracing vibes whilst the final cut Desolée brings back a shimmering chromatic synth motif and thrilling cowbell abuse to all primetime TechHouse floors longing for some sweet excess. Nice.

Blow Up
An EP of four tracks is the calling card of the Dane 99 Blows, who recorded the music of “I/O” during a holiday in New York, before returning to his country to finish the work. The track I/O is a kind of long, space-ambient introduction. The following Tanzen am Bahnhof brightens the passions of the young producer from Copenhagen, overlaying dry house rhythms with classic syncopated electro-dub. TO FOLLOW. Roberto Mandolins

Danish producer successfully combines dub and house on his debut EP.

Hiding behind the alias 99 Blows we find Rasmus Vestervig – guitarist and creator of electronic music. His first forays into music was playing the guitar, later graduating from the Danish Conservatory. Around the same period, in 2008, he started DJing as Willie Mays, spinning old disco, funk and soul. Then he gradually turned towards electronics and in 2009 he went to Berlin, to hone his skills and learn the various aspects of electronic music.
The recordings that became the EP “I/O” (Clang) were done 2012 in New York, at a time when the hurricane Sandy raged. On “I/O” we have four compositions and Vestervig moves with ease between dub, deep house, techno and synth electronics. The sound is throughout very interesting and varied. I must admit that I repeatedly returned to this mini-album and look forward to some full-length material. “I/O” is a must for fans of Moderat, Pantha du Prince, Kalipo and John Lemke.

Some icy gushes that sounds like blowing on the title track I/O together with a sort of description of his concept of music making, open the debut release by Danish electronic musician and former guitar player Rasmus Vestervig, who rendered what was occurring – the notorious Hurricane Sandy storm – outside This Is Care Of’s studio facility in Manhattan, New York, where he recorded a rough version of this elegant assay of electronic dub-house, which was later polished and refined in his studio in Copenhagen. In spite of this element, internal heating system of TICO’s studio where 99 Blows found the ideal dwelling place for the album’s conception in between the soothing warmth of vintage organs, a pile of synths and drum machines that had to be popped in a Danish hatchery by means of analog tubes, tape echo and various effects to help shape the definitive release in a familiar environment. After the above mentioned introduction that unfolds over a relaxed movement that recalls German chill-out stuff of late 90ies, 99 Blows warms up his first release with a nice housey groove on Tanzen Am Banhof that seems to mirror the memory of the music for catwalks. This sounds so distant as if the storm managed to freeze NYC perpetual fashion weeks, but he keeps on highlighting the lukewarm effect of nice memories by wrapping the synth-driven evanescences on the following EFD by means of vintage acid-house bleeps and groovy percussive replays (you could imagine a sort of reshuffling and hybridisation of Sabres Of Paradise and 808 State), whose faint smell sustains the structure of the final Desolée as well.

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