Jonas Kasper Jensen

Jonas Kasper Jensen is a Danish artist born in Copenhagen in 1982. Since his early twenties, he has lived in different major European cities such as Berlin and Frankfurt in Germany, Bergen in Norway, Krakow in Poland and London in Great Britain. It is possible to hear influences and traces from these various places in his sound. He started training as a drum musician at an age of six and aimed in his youth to become a classical musician. But after realizing he wasn’t interested in the technical aspect of mastering an instrument he chose to work as a fine artist. With his release, Layers of Bridges on CLANG he is marking histurn to music.

Jensen works in various medias amongst which sound plays an important part. Since finishing his studies at the art academy Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main and the royal Danish Academy of Fine art he has worked with sound and composition as one of his major methods of expression in installations and sound art publications. On the German Hamburgian internet label Kreislauf he has released the sound-installations HEL EN (2010) and Superficies (2016) with the pseudonym Kasper Knigge. The sound sculptures The Stowaway (2008) and Aftenlandet (2012) was self-released on cd and vinyl both as part of an exhibition. Layers of Bridges (2017) released on CLANG will be Jensen’s first album that purely relies on its compositions and musical elements.


Jonas Kasper Jensen works mainly with compositions made on computer and altering of sound recordings. He is interested in dense compositions and textures. Jensen is a founding member of the sound art collective wulkan. Wulkan aims at investigating free electronic improvisation and sound-installation in performances and exhibitions. In the visual part of his praxis he works with painting, photography and sculpture. He is a member of the art collective Lehman Brothers.