Kamila Govorçin

Kamila Govorçin is a chilean DJ and co-founder of the netlabel Panal Records. For several years she has been a household name on the electronic music scene of her country, appearing at festivals at home and abroad. In her DJ sets she seeks diversity in style and explore rhythms that go from break over techno and to drum’n’bass. Similarly, her own productions are varied, exploring hypnotic sounds with a hint of a 90es nostalgia, the period that best describe her inspirations.

Even though she constantly is on the look-out for rhythms that will move the dancefloor, Kamila has always felt a strong attraction towards experimental and ambient sounds, finally making her move into this world of textures and sonic landscapes.

“I feel,” she says, “that since we live in a volatile period where there is so little time to stop and reflect, there is a fundamental need for ambient music. It gives a moment for meditation, introspection and connection to our inner self, which in turn syncronizes us with our planet’s natural motion. It provides a much needed space that connects us to reality and bridges earth and the spiritual.”

Kamila played the transverse flute in her early youth but she passed through some very disparate phases before she at 25 years of age decided to return to the music. Initially an competition athlete of international level, she later graduated with a bachelor in business management and administration, before she decided to leave it all for music. And preferring a fairly solitary life removed from the capital Santiago, she has chosen to live in Cahuíl, a remote place in the Chilean countryside near the Pacific Ocean, and which provides her with most of her musical inspirations. And given that she does not have any musical training, it goes a long way to emphasize the intuitive and searching nature of her music.