Krishve (Kristian Hverring) is an artist from Denmark, born in 1974. Spending most of his childhood in a remote rural area has had a major influence on how he perceives the world today. With plenty of time to read, listen and dream about the future, he discovered how music affected him. An introvert and shy boy he began developing an interest in recording his surroundings and his family on an old tape recorder. He began playing guitar in bands at school, writing songs and slowly aquiring musical equipment to create a recording studio for himself to work in.

Today Krishve prefers to use a limited assembly of hardware to create an improvised time traveling experience. A small mixer is the hub of operations, while a number of small synths, stompboxes, acoustic instruments and his body – anything that makes the desired sound – provide the raw materials. Everything is performed live and recorded directly to two-track. The limitations of dedicated hardware and the discipline it requires is a source of creative inspiration. Krishve hovers in the borderlands between sound art and so called electronic music, and has a penchant for the dark, melancholic and strange.

The work is a search for the places in between places, the cracks that appear in the fabric of time, and a love of finding astonishing beauty in the most unlikely subjects. Literature, film, science and the strange behavior of the animal we call (hu)man keep Krishve awake at night.

Over the years Krishve has released several works on various physical media and as digital downloads. Lately he has been working with the independent label phloq and now clang. In addition to his own work, Krishve is active as a composer and sound designer for performance, installation, theatre and film. Since 2012 he has been associated with Hotel Pro Forma, an internationally respected laboratory of visual music performance and installations.