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The drugged, hypnotic haze of rhythm and space in Latin American Mall is an invitation to dive into Santiago’s rarefied atmosphere, as the capital of Chile and the main entry into a world of contradictions. An image of evil across Latin America, this is the place where everything is for sale and goes to the highest bidder, where bargain deals translate into time stolen from thousands of people every day, as they wander aimlessly about on a futile search for the best deal.

The eclectic pastiche that the cities of the so-called third world have become; this artificial, daily life generated by an unhealthy preference for competition; yet another of the customs inspired by malign models imported from the deepest dwellings of the factual powers, chosen by none yet contaminating everything.

The motifs drag themselves along steady beats in a construction that is designed to withstand the weight of a miserable reality vilifying every single day in a city that is submerged in a toxic cloud.

Smoke from machines in rusty, hellish industries, haplessly collapsed traffic in aimless haste of thousands; tales of people surrounded by people that all live in perfect solitude. Nobody looks anyone in the eyes, no-one is anyone’s equal, no proposition exists – only ghostly shadows that wander about in their own selfishness. This is the dance macabre that is portrayed here, as a chronicle in noise to ensure that nothing is forgotten.

Unending segments are registered as if they have no apparent beginning, like a loop that refers to a constant and routinely claustrophobia. Whispering voices, words repeating, sudden noises, broken and repetitive rhythms, suggestive melodies, metallic clangings, rarefied environments; a liquid and dense fog – sonic hypnosis, southern mantra – that ultimately becomes a snapshot of a common feeling: the transparent density of everyday sounds.

Compositions and production by Miguel Conejeros
Instrumentation is digital and analog instruments

Recorded at Estudios Shelternoise, Santiago, Chile, 2016
Mastered by Lars Graugaard

Cover artwork ‘Libertad de Expresión’ by Sebastian Leyton (2011)
Cover design by Yvonne Trigueros


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