Live Free Or Die

99 Blows


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This is 99 Blows’ second release of 2015 and the Copenhagen based artist presents us with four diverse pieces, yet in the same vibe of his first release on clang – spacious, dreamy and melodic electronic music that soothes the soul.

The title Live Free Or Die is inspired by a New Hampshire license plate and pretty much sums up a life on the road in search of freedom in life and music. But this can create Second Thoughts on how exactly to live your life, particularly when you wake up at 6am and go into the studio, as was the case with this track.

The instrumental version of Dar Es Salaam was released in 2013 on Sound of Copenhagen #12, but the addition of vocals by the Brooklyn based singer Emil Bovbjerg of the band Bowmont shifted the track into a different vein.

The cover also has a story of its own as it is an old photo of the artist’s grandparents roaming the seas around Denmark a long time ago. Something they apparently passed on to their grandson as he often finds peace of mind on the sea, for instance catching the Scandi Sunrise.

Cover photo by someone in the family
Recorded in Copenhagen 2013-2015
Mixed /Mastered in Copenhagen 2015

All instruments on this recording were performed by 99 Blows except the ingenious vocals by Emil Bovbjerg on Dar Es Salaam, recorded in His Bedroom



Gonzo Circus
99 Blows is the alter ego of the Danish producer Rasmus Vestervig, already on his second release this year. The music remains a melodic and somewhat dreamy techno that is fresh and cleverly assembled, lending itself well as a soundtrack to a road trip, chill-out or refined bouncing and dancing. A first-class release. (mc)

With “Live Free Or Die” Rasmus Vestervig presents us with his second release this year. It quickly becomes clear that the Dane hasn’t lost his penchant for tech-house with distinctive synth melodies. The title track in particular relies on lots of percussion and distinctive beats, and at times even builds blurred sound collages. The Scandinavian works without loops and samples, which could be due to his musical background as a guitar player. Only for the re-interpretation of Dar es Salaam does he go back to the soulful vocals of Brooklyn resident Emil Bovbjerg. The track appeared as an instrumental track on a compilation back in 2013, but has gained in depth with the inclusion of the vocals. On Scandi Sunrise Vestervig combines elaborated House with Dream-Pop, aptly concluding his multi-faceted, almost half-hour long EP. It is clear that the day the debut vinyl of 99 Blows appears will be a good day. 8 Kressmann

Dance Like Shaquille O’Neal
Finally, Danish 99 Blows captivate us with his “Live Free Or Die” that features three melodic tracks infused with exquisite musicality. A pleasant discovery that lives up to the long-standing tradition of high-quality electronic music from Scandinavia.

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