Mads Emil Nielsen

Mads Emil Nielsen (b. 1989) is a musician/composer based in Copenhagen, Denmark, releasing as duo with fellow Dane Anders Holst a self-named album on clang September 2014.

Mads works with basic sound sources, often combined with short percussive and orchestral samples, real sounds and an amplification of machine produced errors. In 2014 he founded arbitrary, the label and artistic platform on which he released Framework (graphic scores) and Percussion Loops.

Mads recently performed at Présences électronique 2018 (Paris, France), in Italy, Germany, The Netherlands & Ukraine, and at Phono (2017) & Wundergrund Festival (DK). He has contributed to various theatre productions and exhibitions, including the Notations 21 Project.

In 2015 Mads received a Léonie Sonning Music Foundation scholarship and completed his studies at RMC in Copenhagen.