Marcus Wrangö

Composer and musician Marcus Wrangö focuses on electroacoustic music both in studio and live electronic forms. He also composes audiovisual pieces, where visuals are equally important as the sound and music. With his background in the IT business his approach to music often springs from a technological standpoint, often with abstract narratives and major contrast between different soundworlds.

Marcus has worked with everything from complex surroundsound techniques, advanced gestural controllers and programming, to simple field recordings, home built electronics and visual projections. Several of Marcus’ works include questions about how we deal with technology in every day life as well as in the future – often in a science-fiction setting. Marcus studied at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm with Bachelor and Master degree in electroacoustic music composition.

A special project of Marcus’ is the live electronic audiovisual piece cube5. The project’s vision is to make an experience that you feel, not just from the sounding vibrations and strong visual contrasts, but also an experience to activate both positive and negative feelings – as happiness, comfort, anger and unease. A piece that you have to keep experience even though it can be unpleasant and beautiful at the same time. The piece is made to be a kind of music for ears, eyes and feelings. This is accomplished by composing with both sound and vision at the same time – on equal terms. In the project a specially written computer software is used, which enables exact synchronization between audio and visual elements.

This piece exists in two versions, cube5 installation and cube5 live which is a 45 minutes long performance version. The piece is available for booking.