New Artists and Releases

Lately, there has been several new artists joining clang, with releases in the making. We already have had Silvio ParedesPoptronics (digital and CD, the latter in European distribution), Marco Spagnuolo will be making his debut release in April  and the duo Aoraquï is releasing Techne on March 11. Fiat600 is finalizing his first release for clang, and New York artist Satoshi Takeishi will be making his first release Dew Drops in May, out of a planned three releases during the coming 12 months.

There are also releases by clang regulars Hans Tammen (Music for Choking Disklavier, Rife, w. Infernal Machines), Frank Benkho, Equipo, Lars from Mars and a duo release from 99 Blows were he’ll wrap his seductive electronics around live trumpet playing. In the fall we’ll be having the much expected 12″ vinyl from New York act Radio Wonderland – also to be released in other formats, as well as a 10″ EP vinyl from much cherished Band Ane that will follow up on the strong international recognition she received for Anish Music Caravan.