Lars Graugaard & Keisuke Matsuno


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The music of Lars Graugaard and Keisuke Matsuno is an unusual meeting of different backgrounds in a rich and coherent musical vision. Keisuke’s attractive harmonic feeling and weigthless melodic lines are juxtaposed by Lars’ intense and intricate rhythms and sound colors that listen, assimilate and endlessly transform. At times with the hardest punch and at others with the gentlest feel, the music is in a constant state of search-and-encounter, of pursuing all possibilities and leaving no stone untouched.

Recorded, edited and mixed November 5 and 9 2012 in the James L. Dolan Music Recording Studio, New York University Steinhardt, Department of Music & Performing Arts Professions.

Recording engineer Paul Geluso
Engineering assistants Tyler Sawyer, Brian Bourque, Amar Lal and Peter M. MacDuffie
Produced by Lars Graugaard and Paul Geluso
Mastered by Lars Graugaard

Video by Sebastian Schmidt-UrzĂșa


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