Marcus Wrangö


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“For some years now I have been exploring aesthetics that concentrate on the acoustic register’s extreme low and extreme high frequencies. Where most other music store the critical information in the middle register, a lot of my music explores the senses in other aspects, and with high density information in the outskirts of the hearing range. A type of reversed or mirrored entropy.

In the music on “OO.O” I explore the above aesthetics in combination with more ordinary elements of electronic music such as ‘pad’ sounds and melodies. The four pieces form a kind of rhythmical stasis at the same time as they have quite ordinary musical forms. The sounds originate from old analogue signal generators in contrast to my own and others software instruments. The process and composition in this release is based exclusively on intuitive decisions.”

Marcus Wrangö

Composed, recorded, mixed and produced by Marcus Wrangö

Mixed at EMS/Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm and composed and recorded at Blocc studio in Stockholm.


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