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A series of compositions derived as spin-offs from The Sparkling Sound Festival’s two unique concerts in September 2020, for a vibraphone in a reverberant space with a participative audience. This is not DIY, this is DI4U.

Jørgen Teller has for many years worked with strategies for composition and creation in very diverse ways and fields. During the two concerts he created a number of stereo loops of vibraphone, timbales, metals and vibraphone synths in the huge, reverberant space of the old water tower Brønshøj Vandtårn, on the hills above Copenhagen.

The loops were later played and recorded one by one at the Inkonst Electronic Studio in Malmö, and mixed with additional plate reverb and saturation at Strom Babe Studios.

Compositions by Jørgen Teller
Recorded, edited and mixed by Jørgen Teller
Mastered by Lars Graugaard

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