Rasmus Fisker

Rasmus Fisker is an experimental electronic musician and composer from Aarhus, Denmark. He creates music that explores the ever expanding possibilities of computer music.Since his debut as Sykofant at the 2010 STRØM festival Rasmus has been developing his sound, using a growing collection of recordings, effects and synthesizers. He is dedicated to exploring music with the intuition of a musician and the curiosity of a scientist. Rasmus loves detail, small breaks and weird timbres. Using a vast array of sources, he creates narratives for the ear.

Eagerly exploring music, Rasmus seeks inspiration in all possible directions from ancient world-music to contemporary classical compositions. This open approach to music is prominent in his collaborations with instrumentalists as the outcome often varies in constellation, genre and aesthetics.


Rasmus doesn’t limit himself to electronic sound as he is constantly expanding his sound library with his recordings of nature, urban space and industrial sites. He seeks to arouse curiosity and invites the listener into a deep and atmospheric listening space.

It is the urge to disappear into sound that drives his creative working process, a process that functions as a personal output for both abstract thoughts and concrete ideas. Hours, days even weeks are spend in the studio making rough drafts, rhythmical experiments and tonal arrangements. Rasmus relies on the computer as a powerful resource for manipulating sound and he has put great interest in alternative ways of generating rhythmic patterns, leading him to software experiments with altering metric structure by sequencing playback speed.

Rasmus continues an ongoing and ever shifting task to evolve new musical expressions through self critical and careful composition and free improvised live-processing sessions, as recently seen at both Aarhus and CPH Jazz Festival.


Rasmus has worked in modern dance, film, theater, digital artwork, sound installation and has, despite being young of age, received grants from the Danish Arts Foundation.

“Rasmus Fisker has edge and finesse in his compositions. He is a responsive listener and develops his own, while having an understanding of the performance as a whole. As a choreographer it was interesting to work with Rasmus and I predict a bright future for him in his continued work as a composer.”

– Louise Crnkovic-Friis
Co-founder and Artistic Director
The Lulu Art Group – http://theluluartgroup.com/