Shine Greatly

Gregory Taylor


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Shine Greatly is a partner to my previous Clang release The Terraced Horizon (clang004), and shares a similar generative process – that of creating a window that isolates a fragment of material from a larger source, processing/playing/repeating that fragment, and then moving the “window” by some amount to cycle through the larger body of material. But while The Terraced Horizon cycles through a melodic sequence from a MIDI file, Shine Greatly applies the process directly to audio material. The audio material is derived from a recording of one of my favorite Dutch alt-country bands, The Yearlings. In its unmodified form, the original material appears on their self-titled 2002 release on the Sonic Rendevous label (I will leave it to the curious to identify the sources more specifically, if only because I’d like to point people at the original recording itself). The final work is based on multiple layers of offset windows into the recorded material that differ by length, number of repetitions, and the rate at which the material is cycled through.

Just as the resulting work is based on modifying the original recording, the title follows the same procedure: Shine Greatly is an anagram for the name of the recording from which is it is derived (The Yearlings).

I’d like to thank my friend Bertram Mourits of the Yearlings for encouraging me to use this work and I dedicate the this piece in homage to him. My thanks also to Lars Graugaard for his absolutely astounding mastering work on this recording and to his colleagues at CLANG for their encouragement. I’d also like thank my various collaborators (Brad Garton, Darwin Grosse, Tom Hamer, Mark Henrickson, Jeff Kaiser, and Terry Pender) for their company and inspiration, and to my friend and wife Jolanda, who’s made it all possible. May this be worthy of then, and worthy of all of you who listen.

Generated/sliced/diced/chopped and channelled using Max/MSP and recorded at The Upper Room, Madison, Wisconsin Winter 2013.

Mastered by Lars Graugaard at Ju-Ju, Santiago, Chile, February-March 2014.


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