Simulaciones Revisited



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“Juan Cristobal Saavedra aka Equipo’s productions suggest the idea of a journey that takes us from the conceptual to the concrete where delimitations dissolve to the point where apparent opposites of style destabilise, join and mesh.

Always uncompromising, Equipo showed on his  LP ‘Simulaciones’ how he is able to constantly push further and, with a natural gesture of great abandon, replace surgical precision with organic and spellbinding textures. Nine artists from different cities across three continents – Copenhagen, Santiago de Chile, Barcelona, Montevideo, Lille, Valparaiso, New York y Montreal – are now offering each his re-interpretation of a track from ‘Simulaciones’.

While some artists-producers on ‘Simulaciones Revisited’ build up great densities, others focus on the dance-floor. If the structure and sparse melodies with rhythmic foundations and harmonious make-up was the carrying feature on the original release, this has now been substituted for excursions close to disco and electronica (Monoblok and 99 Blows), sophisticated ambient phrasing (Microfeel) and scintillating, new wave atmospheres (Moraga).

But even if the album’s sonic configuration is made up of several aesthetic approaches, the narrative essence of Equipo’s original work is intact. What we have in front of us is a work that neither moulds to the governing rules of entertainment nor to the unruliness of avant-garde experiments. Instead, we are carefully guided through a reformulation of a sonic offering in constant development.”

Alejandro Serrano Sierra

All compositions by Juan Cristóbal Saavedra

Produced July 2015 in Barcelona, Spain

Artwork by Fabián Taranto


In March “Simulaciones” appeared, a particularly organic and technology engrossed techno album by Equipo who often presents his music in theatres and exhibitions. The Chilean sonic craftsman presented a form of techno that was not afraid of contact with Krautrock or progressive bass music. Now Equipo has been reinterpreted, mostly by Clang labelmates such as Lars Graugaard and 99 Blows. Each track has its own particular cosmos, even though the reworkings have retained the initial, gloomy atmosphere. As with the original tracks, the remixes easily drift towards conceptual beats that makes the IDM passages very dense, but it gets really exciting when you hardly recognize the original version. Frank Benkho, for example, imbues the mechanized track Libertad Ambulatoria with a warm, relaxing groove. Cooptrol, in contrast, completely chops up the catchy track Instantes De Vacuidad. Innovative edits and a lot of variety – this release caught me immediately! 8 Kressmann

Whisperin’ and Hollerin’
Equipo’s ‘Simulaciones’, released earlier this year, was very much centred around bulbous bass grooves and bumping beats. ‘Simulaciones Revisited’ sees the tracks placed in the hands of nine artists from across three continents, and they’re not so much remixes as re-interpretations, re-imaginations and re-conceptions.
The warping abstraction of Hans Tammen’s take on Victima del Panteismo contrasts with the disco-beat based and rather danceable Monoblok remix of Encarnation Perdida, while Microfeel brings a semi-ambient techno vibe to La Extinction del Ser Humano. It is worth noting that the music isn’t nearly as heavy or oppressive as the titles suggest, and the artists involved all demonstrate a keen sense of atmosphere.
From the spacious and expansive Frank Benkho remix of Libertad Ambulatoria that slowly and subtly pulsates in a distant vacuum while echoing the new age chillout style that emerged in the 90s, to the microtonal jitters of Vigliensoni’s reworking of Instantes de Vacuidad, it’s an eclectic yet curiously complimentary collection which enhances, rather than detracts from the original work.

Juan Cristobal Saavedra suggests the idea of a trip from the conceptual to the concrete. A trip during which the boundaries are cancelled out and fuses the opposites. Oh, and specifically? Equipo gave his recent trigonometric simulations to nine artists from different cities across three continents. ‘Simulaciones Revisited’ is dressed up in a new coat of armour from Copenhagen, Santiago, Barcelona, Montevideo, Lille, Valparaiso, New York and Montreal. However, like the core ingredient in a soup, the Spaniard leaves his mark in all mixes and reworkings. No feeling of jetlag to deplore at the international stage of the journey of this electronic and ambient object. This to say that a remix never is useless, even when the original said it all…

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