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The Healing Waters of Aoraquï

“Whoever wishes to investigate medicine properly […] must consider the qualities of the waters […] These things one ought to consider most attentively (Corpus hippocraticum, p. 20).

Techne is the brilliant contemporary experimental pop-dance release structured around the enchanting dyslexic lines of Renata Anaya’s mermaid-like voice – “like a creature native and endued unto that element” which is water (Hamlet, Scene VII, 180) – anchored to performer and producer Daniel Jeffs’ contagious techno foundation with an abyssal bass that springs to the foreground right from the opening of the first track.

Aoraquï reinvents the ancient Greek word techne to make what we safely may call techne music. Knowledgeable and experienced improvisers, Renata and Daniel present us with a truly healing, sonic apparatus that extracts the secrets buried deep inside the human mind. Secrets that have been concealed by our rugged and dizzying contemporary times where dogmatism aspires to be true knowledge and where the human voice is pushed into exasperation and ultimate silence, as lingered on by “…sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown” (TS Eliot, “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”).


Originally recorded September 2013 on the quiet shores of the idyllic fishing village Cocholgüe in southern Chile, Techne was almost entirely reassembled in Santiago during the storms of August 2015. While 2016 marks the 400 years  since Shakespeare’s death in England, it will also be the year when sweet Ophelia’s voice finally rose dancing, freed and redeemed in that mysterious stripe of land South America called Chile, by the means of Aoraquï’s organic, electronic waters.

Martín Gubbins
poet, visual artist and sound artist

All tracks composed, produced and performed by Aoraquï

Recorded and mixed by Juan Andrés Cádiz at Castillo Sonoro, Santiago, Chile
Mastered by Francisco Holzmann at Clio, Santiago, Chile

Cover art ‘Agua Libre’ by Paula Garrido Miranda

Thanks to Germán Estrada, Chachi Baeza, Estudio Pájaro, Rodrigo Cortes, Martin Gubbins, Sairestudio

If there’s any silver lining to the dark cloud hanging over techno music’s population, it’s that faced with the reality of their songs are failing at radio & internet, they have the freedom to do whatever without the major critics ramifications. If the duo  Aoraquï is the future of music then we have high hopes for the genre! “Mariocachaña”  Is a cohesive song that only a fool wouldn’t enjoy.

When your looking for new music you have to set the bar high. So many musicians are taking a shot at the career they will never have a chance to break big in. When you listen to Aoraquï you can tell they will be here for years to come. The twitter hype may seem excessive but with their latest single “Mariocachaña”  they have exceeded our expectations. The production is ahead of it’s time & the angel like vocals give the track an atmospheric vibe. This single is a high that the finest drugs couldn’t match.

From the start Aoraquï’s latest single has a big hint of awkwardness. You don’t know where your going or what your getting into …. just like a spaceship. Once the kick drums start to complement the synth plucks you get a feel records direction and it all starts to make sense. The detailed vocal works adds a layer of fluidity that gives the production the final touch it needs. “Mariocachaña” is the definition of cohesiveness. Great job guys!


Aoraquï is pushing the boundaries with their latest single “Mariocachaña”.

A yet near impossible task of making two musicians with total opposite sounds mesh and work together takes a great deal of work but the duo makes their talent look 100% effortless. It takes a visionary team to produce songs with this much detail. The only thing looped in the production is the drums but there are at least 20 different synths all working to create a drugged out atmosphere. Once the godly vocals touch the production it goes from being a chill song to a timeless classic. This is worth the listen!

Aoraquï have kicked off 2016 by offering an advance listen to this awesome single of their studio album “Techne”. The album is set for release March 11.
This song sounds like your drifting through space with the poppy one shot production but the steady consistent vocals make it even more cohesive. For the most part “Mariocachaña” is a simple down-tempo beat but it has an appeal that could leave an impression on the ears of US and Asian listeners who crave a unique sound. Some parts of this song can get downright spooky. Around the three minute mark when the beat turns into a bridge the production is left with no clear direction. Within the uncleanness and confusion is where Aoraquï will have their success because it sounds fresh and experimental. If you like Purity Ring or Crystal Castles you will love Aoraquï.

Aoraquï is yet one more name that form part of the current crop of new Latin American talent, making a name for themselves through production and songwriting for Clang. “Mariocachaña” is the debut single off their new project “Techne” coming March 11th, and the latest album from the record label Clang. With a truly international following, they’re a fine example of the Latin Americas current electronic renaissance.
“Mariocachaña” was a labour of passion. You can hear it in the attention to detail, production quality, and aural goodness that exudes from the single. Its a engaging single – and great a great sample of an album that will be worth the listen from start to finish, and not just a collection of disparate club tunes flung headlong into your ears.

After playing this single ten times in a row, it’s obvious that Aoraquï has set their sights on the big-league with their latest album release on it’s way. With Clang backing their movement & tons of performances it’s clear to see they have the right credentials. On “Mariocachaña” the duo sounds cool, cohesive and passionate as the singing of thoughtful ballads perfectly matches the tech style production.

Aoraquï manages to keep their sound organic and if you haven’t heard “Mariocachaña” you are missing out.

Mariocachaña is the kind of single to get Aoraquï profiled in RMS. Their cohesive productions prove better with each new release, making Mariocachaña their most accomplished outing yet. Even if their music is clearly influenced by the best tech records of the last decade, they’ve been keying in on timelessness since for a while now, and the door has finally swung wide open.

The production value & vocals are catchy and immediately memorable, Aoraquï’s music seem like tracks you’ve already tapped your fingers on your steering wheel to before you realise it’s only your first time hearing them. They’ve got a lot in common with tech greats.

For the latest record “Mariocachaña”, Aoraquï gets downright evil with it, but shows incredible breadth from the various versions of the production styles they cover. Possibly their most diverse record yet, Aoraquï starts with the tech-pop atmospheric grove and tone-heavy songs that have been their signature over the years, but then finds the catchy, melodic , and a surprisingly artful, but still ragingly authentic vocals. The song is more concept than genre — The rawness of the track doesn’t allow it to properly fit in any sub genre. If nothing else, “Mariocachaña” shows the variety of knowledge and aptitude of skill Aoraquï can bring to the tech world.


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