The Diary Of A Raven



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Silvio Paredes’ third solo album presents us with nine tracks laid out like the chapters of a book. As the album title The Diary Of A Raven suggests, each track is the musical tale of one day in the life this astute and mysterious bird. But it is also very much a testimony to Silvio’s musical development since his previous album Poptronics, as he further develops his particular mix of styles that effortlessly go from electronics and pop to jazz and experimental.

The album further consolidates Silvio’s musical identity, and the evolution in sound speaks of the musical maturity he has acquired after relocating in 2016 to Bath, United Kingdom. Beyond his ambition to develop his musical project and share creative experiences with European musicians, it has also brought about performances in the UK and Germany, with future touring in 2018 awaiting in South America and Europe.

Composed, produced and recorded between January and June 2017 in The Tyning Microstudio, Bath, UK.

All tracks composed and performed by Silvio Paredes.

Mixed and mastered September-November 2017 by Daniel Nieto at Estudio Impar in Santiago, Chile.


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