The Yurodny Files

Lars Graugaard


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This release’s starting point was a recording session with the international world music band Yurodny and the American researcher and music technologist Dan Overholt. The session took place at Aalborg University Copenhagen at the end of a week of experiments with novel music interfaces. Fragments of musical characters were improvised by Yurodny in the session under Lars Graugaard’s instruction. These takes were later processed and synthesized material was generated by applying the audio files’ sonic features to various tranformation techniques. This resulted in a set of fresh audio samples for new and only remotely related sonic material. Finally, all was heavily edited to form new musical forms and characters.

The layout of the five tracks is symmetrical around the third, central track. The opening and final tracks are dominated by the sounds derived from an accordion and have fleeting and slowly evolving textures. Track two and four combine textures derived from cymbal recordings with drum samples and synthetic drums. All set in slightly different periodicities, these two tracks have a brooding, almost tribal quality. The central track is based on stringed instruments and the darker sonorities make this track stand out in the total context of the release. The track title ‘Article 26’ refers to an article in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Recorded  March 29 2013 at Aalborg University Copenhagen, Denmark.
Edited and mixed July-August 2013 in Copenhagen,
Denmark and Valencia, Spain.
Recorded, edited, produced and mastered by Lars Graugaard

Members of the Yurodny Ensemble:
Oleg Ponomarev – violin [3]
Adrian Hart – violin [3]
Kate Ellis – cello [3]
Francesco Turrisi – accordion [1, 5]
David Redmond – double bass [3]
Philip Macmullan – drums [2, 4]

Jan Roth – drums [4]

Cover art by Vladyslav Kamenskyy


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