Unknown Force



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Lisbent is fully up to form in a brilliant update of his classic sound in his debut album for your favourite clang label. The title suggest a reworking of an old release by DJ David Icke of the illphabetik netlabel where Lisbent had his first many outings, but the source is thoroughly assimilated and beyond any immediate recognition.


Mainly pulling from breakcore, terror and speedcore influences the EP is a powerful statement that gives full evidence to the level of virtuosity Lisbent has achieved over the years. The density and sheer speed of the musical on-goings on the release’s four tracks provide extreme excursions into high-octane gabber / breakbeat territory, brilliantly combined with a sprinkle of that unmistakable nineties hardware edge and harmonic vibe that has become so very appreciated. We recommend careful listening in measured portions as the dazzling sonic associations unfold with a truly astonishing power of impact – Lisbent is here, and vigorously so!

All compositions by Søren Duus Nielsen aka Lisbent
Produced and mastered by Søren Duus Nielsen, Denmark, February-March 2014.
Cover art by Søren Duus Nielsen