Yann Coppier

Yann Coppier is a French composer and sound artist living in Copenhagen. Although originally a guitarist he now specializes in studio and field recording, sound design, composition for dance, theater and movies, synthesis and live performances.

Yann has played in very different constellations, yet his major contributions are -i snor (solo electronic/acoustic project), WHOURKR (death metal/electronica/breakcore duo with producer Igorrr), Pareidolia (sound and paintings live duo with director Luc Perez), Cirklen (electric abstract/ dance guitar sextet within a circle), Violet River (World/jazz/electronica quatuor), Audionauts (Noise orchestra playing each time a rocket is launched into space for scientific purposes), Pollen (acoustic piano/guitar jazz duo about silence) and Holst/Coppier, an electronic duo with Danish guitarist Anders Holst.

He has toured in various countries and various outfits, howling grinded electronic death metal in winged underwear in Moscow or interpreting the death of a building in Paris, painted in blue. Besides, he has worked extensively on music and sound for movies, television, art installations, theatre and contemporary dance. He is often blending composition and sound design in his work in order to create vivid yet abstract pictures, forcing the audience to travel in unsuspected places. Observation, development and imagination are the main tools he uses, often constructing entire landscapes and/or stories around a glimpse of spontaneity.

Absurdity forces the door. Sound as poetry. Sound as politics. In 2017 Yann was awarded a two- year grant from the Danish Ministry of Culture in order to develop his KUV project about absurd sounds, named “Poetics of Sound and Sonic Dramaturgy”. The project is an attempt to realise new potentials for sound design as a performing art form, by shifting from technical to dramaturgical innovation and restore the lost meaning of sounds. It will end with an exhibition in March 2019. Tim Hinman interviews Yann on his recordings of snow flakes falling on snow, Copenhagen 2016.

Pareidolia is a duo involving real-time music and paintings between composer/musician Yann Coppier and movie director/painter Luc Perez. The idea is of a travel to some unknown destination, where the most fantastic things appear in clouds and where human voices come out of static noise.

The Wolf Project is both a contemporary dance piece with choreographers Kenneth Flak and Külli Roosna, in which Yann made the music and sound, and a record that was released on SKRAT Records based on the original material, Copenhagen 2015.

Soli Deo Gloria is a very dark play in 12 acts written by Peter Asmussen and directed by Thomas Bendixen at Betty Nansen Teater. Yann performed live electronics on stage during the whole show with a specifically designed instrument that Yann also uses for Holst / Coppier, making each performance different. Soli Deo Gloria won the Reumert 2016 for best Danish playwright in 2015.

Yann is currently Director of the Sound Study at the Danish National School of Performing Arts, where he teaches synthesis, studio techniques, sound analysis, mastering and conceptual sound design among other things. Before taking on this position he was responsible for Sound and Digital Production at Sonic College, Denmark and responsible for pedagogy in the electronic music and studio department at ATLA school in Paris, France. More than 15 years of classes and lectures all over Europe about the future of sound art, including some conferences at IRCAM, SAE Institute or Cité des Sciences in Paris.