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June 17, 2022

We’ll, actually starting already on June 17 with the release of Lars From Mars and Anders Holst’s Double Lives, a series of albums will be coming out. New artist Ekkoflok will release a vinyl with music from circuitry, and Polwor and I/O will join Lars From Mars on two duo albums recorded in Santiago, Chile March-May. Ekkoflok is an uncompromising experimental-electronica project, a soundscape of different genres, weird sounds and creativity. And whereas I/O is electronica-jazz artist Claudio Perez with many years’ experience on the scene, Polwor works with cassette tapes to create a vast array of soundscapes that blends in with surprising ease.

Finally, we are very excited to announce that Bruxista will be releasing a new album, a follow-up to his very attractive ‘Human Resource‘ from 2017, and that Exseind will release their next album on clang. Stay tuned!