Winter releases

Winter is almost here (well, not for our fortunate South American friends!) and Moritz Baumgärtner & Lars Graugaard already released their album What Actually Happenedcheck out the video by the very talented Karolina Serafin – to very high acclaim, and coming releases include new clang artist Radio Wonderland’s 12″ vinyl Seize The Means – also available as USB stick – followed by new signee Cooptrol aka Hernán González. Favorite artist Band Ane releases 12″ vinyl Anish Music V, as a follow up to hear absolutely lovely clang debut Anish Music Caravan.

Bell Monks + Gregory Taylor’s warm and pensive Brocades + Palimpsests will be in European distribution on CD from December 2, and after New Year we will have media artist Jonas Jensen’s very promising debut release, followed by releases from clang mainstays Equipo, Satoshi Takeishi, Miguel Frasconi and Silvio Paredes. Stay tuned on our facebook and youtube channels for updates!